You can join the Reconciliation Movement by signing the Charter of reconciliation. We, the initiators of the Movement of Reconciliation, coming from seven different countries, are aware of our responsibility towards future generations. Therefore we choose reconciliation with each other instead of hostility. We each remain attached to our mother tongue, history, culture.
2016. February 1.


Hungarians do not find the neighbouring countries antipathic, a recent survey by Nézőpont Institute showed. Most respondents said that Hungary maintained good relations with the majority […]
2014. January 28.

Announcement of results

We are happy to announce: we have received exactly 104 entries from 10 countries on the tender “This is how we celebrate Christmas”. The detailed evaluation […]
2014. January 13.

Internship possibility at the Charta XXI Movement for Reconciliation and Cooperation

Terms of Reference The Charta XXI Movement is offering a one year long internship possibility for a member of the movement in Ukraine
2013. December 2.

The power of folklore – to see and to let be seen through Bartók’s eyes

Ágnes Herczku’s presentation at a conference organised by the Charta XXI Reconciliation Movement- European Parliament, Brussels, 27 November, 2013 The presentation will soon appear in a […]
2013. November 16.

Inviting entries for art and literary tender

László Surján, Vice-President of the European Parliament, and founder of the Charter XXI Movement is inviting entries with the following title: “This is how we celebrate […]
2013. October 19.

Surján: Peoples of this area have to be united not only in tragedies, but at more pleasant moments

European Parliament’s vice-president Hungarian MEP Surjan Laszlo, attending the opening ceremony of the 8th edition of the Festival of Minorities, in Arad (558 km north-west of […]