Hungarians do not find the neighbouring countries antipathic, a recent survey by Nézőpont Institute showed. Most respondents said that Hungary maintained good relations with the majority of its neighbours. More than half of those asked said that inter-state relations were best with Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. Some 48% said that Hungarian-Slovak relations were good, partly thanks to the good-neighbourly links maintained in recent years.

More Hungarians believe that inter-state relations with Ukraine and Serbia are good than those who believe that they are bad. However, when it comes to assessing Hungarian-Romanian relations, Hungarians are divided. Some 52% said that Hungarian-Romanian relations should be improved. “Whereas the partnership between (Hungarian Prime Minister) Viktor Orbán and (Slovak counterpart) Robert Fico played a role in the positive assessment of Hungarian-Slovak relations, the often confrontational tone by the former Ponta government could have influenced the assessment of Hungarian-Romanian links which divided the sample,” the Budapest-based think-tank said.
The survey was conducted over the phone with a sample of 1,000 people between January 4 and 7 and it was made for the Charta XXI Reconciliation Movement. According to its manifesto, the movement’s chief objective is the formation of rock-solid bonds between “human and human”. “Cooperation between citizens is necessary for the peoples of Central Europe not to look at each other with distrust”, the document says.

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