The initiative of Dr. László Surján, European Parliamentary representative, encourages civil collaboration in support of a Movement whose members first of all see a person in the citizens of neighboring countries. This is the basis creating trust and rapprochement between nations. Let bridges be created between person and person, not between government and government, nor between party and party. The question of mutual respect must be removed from the morass of politics — a Movement to seek, and find, the delight of coexistence.

This idea is floating in the air, as it were. We hear of it mostly from obscure, small news articles, even though the events pertain to the most important events of our Europeanness. It is important that the good example be effective, that the positive events of coexistence not gain only limited, local attention. This is the message of the times. The spiteful, fossilized, xenophobic politics will be replaced by a new world built on coexistence and cooperation. This is the common future of the region in a common Europe.

Whoever agrees with the aims of this Movement can join by signing the Charta XXI declaration. The signatory, thus, votes to live, in a practical, everyday sense, the basic idea of the Reconciliation Movement. We firmly believe that, with many of us, we can, in a real sense, change the region’s atmosphere.

For the aspirations of the Movement, a foundation will be created which, we hope, will broadcast the message far and wide.
We request all who come across any news or initiative reflecting the spirit of cooperation in our region to bring it to our attention and share it with the visitors to this multilingual website.