Surján: Peoples of this area have to be united not only in tragedies, but at more pleasant moments

European Parliament’s vice-president Hungarian MEP Surjan Laszlo, attending the opening ceremony of the 8th edition of the Festival of Minorities, in Arad (558 km north-west of Bucharest), said that, the countries situated in this area of Europe ought to be united not only in tragedies, but also at pleasant moments.

At the same time, he praised the good organization and cooperation between Romania and Hungary, in the case of the recent accident happened nearby Budapest, when three Romanians were killed, and more 18 injured, as well as in the case when handballer Marian Cosma was murdered.

During the Festival’s inaugural ceremony, it was opened the exhibition called Bridges between European nations, and it was launched a catalogue about the minorities living in Arad, named Arad a bench mark of inter-ethnic living Achieved with the support of Arad municipality’s City Hall, the catalogue presents information about nine minorities, namely the Hungarian, the German, the Serbian, the Slovakian, the Czech, the Bulgarian, the Ukrainian, the Jewish and the Roma, the history of these minorities, the cultural traditions and personalities who marked the existence of this town, over times.

Likewise, the catalogue also presents the contribution the ethnic communities made to the development of the Arad town and county, emphasizing the activity conducted by local personalities such as Salacz Gyula the mayor of Arad who kept the post for the longest, Sava Tekelija the founder of many cultural educational institutions in Arad, or the Neumanns who for almost a century have been committed to the city’s progress and prosperity.AGERPRES


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