Inviting entries for art and literary tender

László Surján, Vice-President of the European Parliament, and founder of the Charter XXI Movement is inviting entries with the following title: “This is how we celebrate Christmas!”

Purpose of the tender:
– By getting familiar with one and other’s holiday habits (characteristics, traditions, customs, foods and drinks ), the ethnic groups of the region can get closer to each other.

Tender categories:
a. Fine art: drawing, painting, photography;
b. Essay: Submitted works should be maximum 3 pages in length.

What are we looking for?
– The submitted work (both categories a. and b.) describes the applicant’s ethnic group’s or region’s Christmas traditions.

Conditions of application is to submit the following:
– Work (a. or b. category),
– Curriculum vitae (in English or Hungarian)

– The winners of the tender will be invited to a trip to visit Brussels and the European Parliament;
– “Runner-up” applicants will receive valuable book prizes.

– 20.12.2013.

Submit to:

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