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2013. November 16.

Inviting entries for art and literary tender

László Surján, Vice-President of the European Parliament, and founder of the Charter XXI Movement is inviting entries with the following title: “This is how we celebrate […]
2013. October 19.

Surján: Peoples of this area have to be united not only in tragedies, but at more pleasant moments

European Parliament’s vice-president Hungarian MEP Surjan Laszlo, attending the opening ceremony of the 8th edition of the Festival of Minorities, in Arad (558 km north-west of […]
2013. September 25.

Charta XXI Reconciliation and Cooperation award 2014

The Charta XXI Movement for Reconciliation is announcing the “Reconciliation and Cooperation Award” that will be granted to a person or an organisation that fosters the […]
2013. September 10.

Borbála Péntek: A Reconciliation Charter for Central Europe – Charta XXI

The turbulent history of Central Europe gives rise to hostility, bitterness and estrangement. Those are yet aggravated by the lack of communication and the tendency people […]