Charta XXI @en
2013. February 25.

Marko Zunic: “Reconciliation as the key towards a prosperous future – Efforts and possibilities in my home country”

The Balkans. The Southeast Europe. The former Yugoslavia. Whatever you name it, there is no the exact term to meet the conditions in order to define […]
2013. January 17.

Ákos Drenyovszky: Finding the common ground for reconciliation, for the forward-looking future

The creation of European unity was one of the main goals in the history of establishing the European Union. The European unity and the cooperation and […]
2013. January 17.

Bojan Francuz: Reconciliation as the key towards a prosperous future

Often repeated phrase in Serbia is “it was better when…” Depending on whom you ask ‘when’ is either when Serbia was part of the Kingdom of […]
2013. January 17.

Štefan Hríb: What are the major problems between contemporary Hungary and Slovakia?

I see three: 1) History at the end of the 19th century. In the era of the building of nation states, there was no attention paid […]

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