Charta XXI Reconciliation and Cooperation award 2014

The Charta XXI Movement for Reconciliation is announcing the “Reconciliation and Cooperation Award” that will be granted to a person or an organisation that fosters the reconciliation between the people of Central East Europe, promotes constant dialogue and genuine openness towards each other. Everybody who signed the Charter of Reconciliation can submit nominations for a person/organisation that in the World of science, arts, public affairs, charity or community building represents the values of the Charta XXI Movement.

The Award consists of a piece of art, “On God’s palm” by Ferenc Lebó and a certificate.

Nominations should arrive via email before November 30, 2013. The winner will be selected by the presidency of the Charta XXI Association by January 20, 2014. The award-giving ceremony, in the presence of media representatives, will happen in Budapest during the Jean Monnet evening in April 2014.

We are looking forward to the nominations.

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